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Baker, Samuel Henry (1824-1909)

He was a Birmingham landscape painter who began his career making magic lantern slides. He studied at Birmingham School of Design & exhibited with the Birmingham Society from 1848 & at the Royal Academy from 1875-1896.

We currently have 1 painting(s) by this artist

Baldock, James Walsham (fl.1867-1887)

Worksop animal & sporting painter. Exhibited at SS & NWS. Subjests mainly cows & sheep, but alsopainted horses & hunting scenes in a style derived fromJ.F. Herring Senior.

Bale, Charles Thomas (fl. 1866-1890)

He is well known for his oil paintings of still life scenes of fruit set against a dark background. He also painted flowers and dead game. His works were extremely popular, although little is recorded about his lifestyle. He lived and worked in London and exhibited a painting in the Royal Academy in 1872, titled "Fruit". He showed 14 works in Suffolk Street between 1868-1875, all of which depicted still life subjects except for a painting titled "The Garden Shed" in 1869. It is not recorded where he studied in his early life but his works are painted in a style derived from George Lance and William Duffield, both well known painters of still life subjects of a slightly earlier period.

We currently have 1 painting(s) by this artist

Ball, Wilfred Williams RBA RE (1853-1917)

He was a prominent watercolour landscape and marine painter & etcher. He lived London, Surrey & Hants. He travelled in Continent & Egypt. He exhibited extensively, including 620 works at the Fine Art Society, 163 at the Leicester Gallery, and 58 at the Royal Academy.

We currently have 1 painting(s) by this artist

Ballavoine, Jules Frederick (1855-1901)

Jules Ballavoine was a genre, still life and landscape painter who was born in Paris in 1855. He studied art at L'Ecole de Beaux-Arts and was a pupil of Isidore Alexandre Augustin Pils (1813-1875), the master of many acclaimed French artists. He made his debut at the Paris Salon of 1877 with a work entitled "Le Bouquet Campagne". He exhibited at the Salon again in 1882, with three works: "Surprise", "Le Marche aux fleurs" and "La Petite Bohemienne", and at the Salons of 1883 and 1886 with "Parmi les Rochers" and "Sur la Terrasse". At the 1886 Paris Salon, he was awarded a medal for "La Seance Interrompue". He also exhibited at the Salons of 1890 and 1897. All of Ballavoine's exhibitions received critical acclaim and with it came prosperity. Whilst initially he found success with his small street scenes of Paris, he became best known for his delicate and exquisitely painted portraits of young women often depicted in landscapes. Examples of his works can be found in many private collections, art galleries and museums in Europe and the US.

We currently have 1 painting(s) by this artist

Banks, J. O. (fl. 1856-1873)

London painter of rustic genre. He exhibited at RA 1856-1873. Shis subjects are usually pretty girls & children in landscapes.

Barbaro, Giovani (fl.1890-1907)

Pseudonym for Arthur Dudley, still life & flower painter. Lived in London & Bath. Exhibited at the RBA, RA, RI & elsewhere.

Barber, Joseph Moseley (fl. 1858-1889)

Leicester landscape & genre painter. Son of Joseph Barbour (1758-1811), teacher of David Cox. He worked in Birmingham, later in Chelsea. He exhibited at RA 1864-78, also at SS

Barclay, Edgar (1842-1913)

He was a London landscape & genre painter, who studied in Dresden & Rome. He Exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1869. & also at the Grosvenor Gallery & New Gallery.

Barraud, William (1810-1850)

Barret jnr, George (1767-1842)

London landscape watercolourist. Son of George Barret RA. He began to exhibit in 1800, and soon became known for his poetic treatment of sunrise, sunset & moonlight effects. He was an early member of the Old Watercolour Society, he also exhibited at the Royal Academy, SS, BI & elsewhere.

Barret snr, George (17th Century)

Barrett, Peter (born 1935)

He is a graphic designer, illustrator and author. His career as an illustrator took off after writing and illustrating a three book series for very young children, along with his wife Susan. Published by Ward Lock, the books (The circle Sara drew, The square Ben drew, The line Sophie drew) became very popular. In the1970s and early 1980s Peter teamed up with Franklin Porcelain. Among his crafted and painted products were a set of thimbles decorated with images of birds, a set of 12 plates with images of the twelve months in the countryside, a set of plates with depictions of animals, and figurines of birds placed upon a porcelain bell. Peter illustrated reprints and collections of famous animal-centric stories and books by Gerald Durrell, Desmond Morris and James Herriot. In 1979 he designed and provided the artwork for a set of United Kingdom postage stamps depicting dogs, for which a commemorative first day cover was issued. He has also illustrated the 1987 Random House edition of the children's classic, The Wind in the Willows. In 1982 his illustrations for Birdwatcher's Diary, by Roger Lovegrove drew critical acclaim. Perhaps his greatest achievement was his compendious illustration of ‘Evolution, the Story of Life’, by Douglas Palmer.

Barrett, Thomas (fl. 1883-1909)

He was a Nottingham painter of landscape & genre. He s know to have exhibited from 1887-1909 at the Royal Academy, British Institution & Suffolk Street.

We currently have 1 painting(s) by this artist

Bartholomew, Valentine (fl.1799-1879)

Although he had some professional instruction at 16, Bartholomew was largely self-taught. From 1821-1827 he worked for & lived with, Charles Hullmandel the lithographer, whose daughter, Adelaide, he married in the latter year. He executed a work on flowers for Hullmandel, and in 1926 exhibited a flower piece at the RA. He was a member of the NWS in 1834 & 1835, and was elected AOWS in the latter year. He was appointed Flower Painter in Ordinary to the Duchess of Kent in 1836, and Flower Painter in Ordinary to the Queen in 1837. He lived in London & married his second wife in 1840. They were well known for their hospitality. Examples are in the VAM.

Bates, David (1840-1921)

A landscape & nature painter in oils and watercolour, Bates was born in Cambridge and from 1855 worked as a porcelain painter at the Royal Worcester porcelain works in Worcester where he came to specialise in painting flowers. He left his employment there in 1880 to become a full-time professional painter. Bates was an "open-air" rural landscape artist, painting in the Midlands, Scotland and Wales, and abroad in Switzerland and Egypt. His work shows the influence of Benjamin Williams Leader, Joseph Thors and Samuel Henry Baker, and Bates is associated in style with the Birmingham School of artists. He exhibited many works at the Royal Academy, Grosvenor Gallery, Royal Society of British Artists and the New Watercolour Society in London, and at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. His works are currently on display in Liverpool museum, Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum, and several other art galleries .His son, John Noel Bates (fl. 1870-1927), who adopted the professional name John Bates Noel, was also a notable landscape painter.

We currently have 3 painting(s) by this artist

Beavis, Richard (1824-1896)

He was born in Exmouth, England in 1824. The son of a cobbler, Beavis resisted his father's attempts to bring him up in his own trade and instead passed his time scribbling all over the white-washed walls of the house. He cleverly sketched horses, dogs, cows, sheep and other sundry objects of everyday life - a pastime that caused many quarrels in the house. Encouraged by his friends, he moved to London in 1846 and enrolled as a student at the Government School of Design at Somerset House, which housed the Royal Academy and the Society of Antiquaries. In 1850 he became designer to Messrs Trollope, a firm of decorators, and with him as designer the firm competed successfully for three international competitions. It was with these designs that he first exhibited works at the Royal Academy. However, Beavis' aspirations did not stop there. In his spare time, he worked with both oils and watercolours. After exhibiting several times at the British Institution he obtained admission in 1862 to the Royal Academy with two pictures: A Mountain Rill and Fishermen Picking Up Wreck At Sea. The artistic and financial success of these works was sufficient to justify devoting himself purely to artistic production and he became a regular contributor to the exhibitions. Beavis took little time to create his reputation, becoming a national sensation quickly. His watercolours and oils alike found constant favour with the public and from 1852 to 1896 he successfully exhibited at the Royal Academy, winning prizes for a variety of subjects. He favoured painting landscapes of Bretagne and the forest of Fontainebleau inspired by his French contemporaries in the Barbizon school. He exhibited over three hundred works in the principal London exhibitions, and some of these works can still be seen in various museums and art galleries - at Glasgow, Sheffield, Sunderland, Melbourne and the Victoria & Albert.

We currently have 1 painting(s) by this artist

Beer, Andrew (1862-1954)

Painter in oil & watercolours of landscapes, coastal scenes & bird studies, he was also an illustrator & postcard artist. He was born in Exmouth & first worked as an illustrator in the art dept of Harvey Barton & Co. Bristol. His most collected work are his portrait studies of racing pigeons painted in the early 20th century. He was a racinging pigeon enthusiast & active judge at many shows. Pigeons were went by rail to Bristol for him to paint & the finished pictures were often offered as prizes at the shows.

Bell, Lilian (ex.1899-1933)

Landscape painter who lived at Wallasey, Cheshire, and London, & exhibited 57 works at the Walker Galleries, Liverpool.

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